Testimonials for Karen Cernicchi’s Pilates Work

“I’ve been doing pilates with Karen for a few months – my first real exercise since my first child four years ago, and my second 1.5 years ago. I already see and feel  a real difference – it’s helped my chronic neck pain and my lower back pain (from carrying my baby) and started to improve my posture. Karen is really encouraging and knowledgeable with a strong focus on doing exercises properly. The class atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. I’m really glad I got into it.” ~ Edwina Guinan

“This is to certify that I have been a Pilates student of Karen’s for 20+ years. I don’t know how I would still be functioning without her. I have a chronic genetic back problem and it has been the understanding and intervention by Karen that has enabled me to function relatively well. Karen is very professional, she knows her anatomy and knows her clients. She is always keen to learn more and frequently does In-service weekends to further improve her services to clients. The classes are always fun to attend and we are lucky enough to have Karen take us through one of her Meditations at the end of each session – a blissful way to end a demanding workout!
I am happy to supply further information.”
~ Jean Irvine

“Karen combines good humour, extensive experience and amazing mentoring which makes every class both fun and challenging! I look forward to my pilates sessions so much, I always come out feeling stronger, taller and happier. I love the way Karen encourages us to try new things, and set and achieve goals we never thought possible, whatever our experience level. I cannot recommend Karen’s classes enough!”
~ Rebekah Stevens

“Why I do barre classes?
After years of doing Pilates classes with Karen, I was excited to try out a barre class some two years ago and I have not looked back! I even plan my week around those classes and I would not want to miss any.
I find my arms are more toned than ever, my back hasn’t felt so strong in a long time and my overall fitness has improved significantly.
Karen always comes up with new exercises and modifications to challenge us in a good way. She truly is an inspiration and a great teacher!”
~ Bettina Lucini

“As a long time client I’d like to share my journey with Karen and her Pilates Studio.
Initially I was assessed and welcomed into the studio with understanding and compassion to my “delicate” physical state, most likely due to being a chronic “sitter”.
Karen’s extensive knowledge on rehabilitation and skill as a pilates instructor guided me through exercises with the use of props to accommodate limitations and recommendations for gentle exercises to be done at home.
Over time and with Karen’s precise teachings on posture, alignment and core activation, I have progressed from beginner mat pilates and reformer work to the more recently introduced “stand up” pilates cardio barre and active stretching classes.
We all benefit greatly from Karen’s continued enthusiasm to expand her own education and professional development and the wisdom that she brings back to the studio!
Many thanks and keep it up Karen, we all need it!”
~ Debbie Tetley

“I’ve been coming to Karen’s pilates classes for at least 10 years now and can say that it’s the one day out of my very busy week that I get time for myself.
I find the stretches, core work, balance and coordination have helped me stay fit and keep up with the work on my farm as well as keeping up with all the other commitments.
I really notice if I miss a pilates session. I don’t move as well, and feel aches and pains in my joints.”
~ David Iliff