Mora Therapy & Vega Test


Dr. Cernicchi tests patient with Mora Therapy & Vega Test equipment

It is “no needles acupuncture”, a system of natural therapy.
The Mora Therapy unit was created in Germany by Dr. Franz Morell and bio electronic engineer Eric Rasche in 1975. Mora Therapy is bioresonance electro-acupuncture, and uses the patient’s own electromagnetic oscillations to detect areas of disharmony and to stimulate the body to self heal.

Mora Therapy combines the principles of acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy. Mora Therapy is based on the bio-energetic pathways called “meridians”. By using an acupuncture point on the fingertip and with the help of electrodes connected to the Mora unit, a read out can be made of what is happening in the body relating to the acupuncture meridians. The method taps into the body’s natural homeostatic reflexes to remove blockages to your own body’s ability to self repair. The Mora Therapy unit takes the output information of the body, processes it, then amplifies the desired components, cancels out disharmonious frequencies and then re-introduces it back into the body. This and other natural strategies, gives the exact energetic information the body needs to stimulate a return to a state of wellbeing. Over the course of ten minutes of therapy, this process occurs thousands of times and each time the body is given more harmonious frequencies to promote healing.


Mora Therapy – hi-tech acupuncture

People commonly wonder about what benefits can  be received from Mora Therapy and Vega Testing. The answer is that your health can be greatly improved by addressing your individual unique needs. The method is related to electro-dermal screening, bio-resonance, and electro-acupuncture. In fact, Mora Therapy is a form of hi-tech acupuncture. The therapy acts upon the acupuncture meridian system but without the use of needles. This is why it is also called “No-Needles Acupuncture”. Using Traditional Chinese Acupuncture theory, your practitioner determines the imbalances in the flow of vitality of the body’s functions, and then uses Mora Therapy to correct them. This therapy is at the heart of a revolution in holistic medicine.

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Using the combined methods of Mora Therapy and Vega Test, we can discover hidden burdens blocking your natural health. Knowing this, we can then become proactive towards the restoration of a happy, healthy and vibrant you.

The Vega technique works by measuring an autonomic reflex (also called a vegetative homeostatic reflex) on an acupuncture meridian point on the hand, and then checking for a marked change in the reading of a test substance using bioresonance.

The Mora and Vega approach does not diagnose medical conditions. These therapies are designed to promote a return to health naturally before the stage of permanent cell degeneration.
We find that best results are achieved when one is proactive
and prepared to make simple yet
easy lifestyle changes.