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Tuesday 4:00pm Qigong class
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What is Qigong?

QiGong is a Chinese therapeutic exercise based on Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. Similar to Tai Chi, Qigong has been practiced for thousands of years in China for longevity. Through slow, mindful movements, and proper breathing technique, one cultivates an energy that is experienced as uplifting, re-energizing, and calming. It’s an enjoyable therapeutic activity. This system of exercise and meditation is for all age groups.

Qigong works by rebalancing energies in the body, enabling the immune system to work at its optimum. When there is an imbalance in the body, you experience symptoms such as, pain, feeling unwell, stressed, tiredness, lack of motivation, excessive emotional upsets, indigestion, all of which can lead to illness and potentially disease.

In Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture needles are used to stimulate the flow of energy, life-force known as “Qi”, along meridians. Meridians or channels are the body’s healing-energy pathways. The flow of energy, “Qi”, restores blockages, and corrects imbalances, bringing the body back into equilibrium. In the same way with regular practice of Qigong, “Qi” is generated, having the same rebalancing effect without the use of needles.

Qigong has also been found to improve cardiovascular, respiratory, and lymphatic functions. It has been implemented into rehabilitation programmes to help improve memory in patients with Dementia. As we age the need for a sustainable exercise increases.

Muscle and bones need nourishment. Blood-flow, and circulation need constant movement in order to get the nutrients to the organs. Digestion, heart and brain function rely on circulation and oxygenation for life.

Qigong is well known for its healing properties. Whether it’s mental, physical or emotional stress, the effects of Qigong regulate these three major areas of one’s life. It’s been well documented that people who suffer from arthritis, high blood pressure, digestive issues, tiredness, and headaches, have improved their condition through regular practice of Medical Qigong.

Qigong exercise & meditation is for all age groups. A busy lifestyle can deplete our vital energies. Qigong practice recharges, and relaxes you. This gives you harmony in body, mind, and spirit, keeping us uplifted throughout the day improving relationships at home and at work. Qigong enhances awareness and attention. It improves coordination and balance. All these qualities are crucial for longevity. The practice of Qigong can be sustained well into your 90s!

QiGong in the park. Photo credit from http://simonblowqigong.com
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