Dr. Carlo Cernicchi

Chiropractic is a well established therapy for back and neck pain. It has been scientifically proven that tremendous success can be achieved by Chiropractic treatment for certain types of spinal problems, headache, migraine, sciatica,
and joint pain coming from the knees, hips, shoulders, arms and legs.
Your Chiropractic professional is trained to discern whether your condition is treatable with Chiropractic care. Chiropractic is covered by Health funds, Workers Comp. and green slip MVA (Motor Vechicle Authority)

Back pain can be affected by the spinal bones being out of alignment, muscle spasms, and sprained ligaments. The spine can become weak and misaligned by sports injuries, falls, car accidents, poor posture, and overwork, leading to an increased chance of arthritis as we age. To help prevent and repair this, we gently manipulate, to straighten bone alignment and free up restricted segments. To dramatically reduce pain, speed up the repair process, and release muscle spasm, we also use, ultrasound, trigger point pressure, no needles acupuncture, TENS roller, Chinese cup massage, and herbal creams in your treatment.

A good time to have Chiropractic in your life is in childhood while the body is still growing. Often kids develop back and neck problems from falls and poor posture at an early age. Some children even start a life of back problems as a result of a difficult childbirth. Some of these problems if not addressed in childhood may lead to more complex back problems as an adult. If a young person’s spine has poor alignment, it may continue into adulthood. Adjusting the spine early gives it a better chance of correcting itself while still growing.