It is our mission at Ocean Beach Therapies to educate and inspire as many patients and clients as possible towards optimal health through gentle, appropriate, corrective care. We are dedicated to helping you regain the fullest health potential and assist you and your family to stay well for life.

We stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques in Chiropractic and the other modalities we offer at Ocean Beach Therapies to ensure we are able to continue to provide the right treatment for you.

Everyone is unique, having needs that are constantly changing as we all have different lifestyles. The combination of Chiropractic, Herbal Tinctures, and Pilates exercise, is available to help you improve your health.

In each of these modalities we always take individual circumstances into account and assess each patient carefully.

Ocean Beach Therapies offers a holistic approach to health care.
Also available are Mora and Vega Test therapies for managing the inner health of the meridians.

Dr. Carlo Cernicchi

Dr. Carlo Cernicchi has a Masters degree in Chiropractic, a Bachelors degree of Science, and a post graduate Certificate of Homotoxicology (Medical Homeopathy) and a Diploma of Botanical Medicine.

Chiropractic adjustive therapy is very effective in the repair of spinal aches and pains and restricted joint mobility. Any joint problems such as shoulder injuries, knee or hip problems, tennis elbow, are also well addressed with Chiropractic care. Treatment typically includes ultrasound therapy, cupping massage and electro-physical stimulation as well as the standard joint manipulation.

Karen Cernicchi – Pilates Instructor

Karen Cernicchi is a level 4 Pilates practitioner with training in post rehabilitation exercise programming. Karen is also a Qigong teacher.

When you start Studio Pilates program, you come in for an initial consultation where a detailed history is taken, paying careful attention to your personal goals as well as understanding any underlying structural or health issues. Your personal Pilates program is designed to give you the right level of exercises and challenge for what condition you are currently in.